Ricochet, again! Q-version Rick & Matt (3pic)

So...It seems that I can't stop now. LOL And I thought I had lost the passion to draw all day long! I guess I just need to find the right novel! And thanks to the author's xanthe vivid description, I don't need to go through the tough routine considering the scene, expression or movement of my painting, because they are already there, in my head! And there are still so many hot scenes I want to portrait, I just hope I get enough time to get it come ture, maybe in the vacation of Chinese New Year...
Hope you enjoy the Q-version of Rick and Matty. Despite some intense plots in the book, I find Ricochet is a ficion full of humor, thus I assume the Q-version would fit better and also quicker to paint. Which type your guys prefer? Just let me know!

All my work will be on tumblr: Line126.tumblr.com


Fanart: Klaine


I'm always more than happy to draw a Klaine, but I'm short of the imagination of scene somehow.
So, if you need a cover for your Klaine fanfiction and you like my painting style, just send me the address of your story.